Related image          On the worst of our writing days defeat plows deep. And no amount of empty talk about writing tighter, using better verbs or strengthening our plot spurs us to climb out of the ditch.

The complicated path to creating brilliance on the page is linear. And without a finished product words wither on the page.

Doubt soon follows along with a cacophony of noises and unhealthy comparisons.

Drowning Debbie Downer isn’t easy. 

Writer Optimism is an acquired taste. The smelling salts, let’s say, to flush Debbie and refocus.  Serious writers can summons the big ‘O’ and look away from the pity pooling around their laptop and carry on. That is what we must do.

Unleash the trinity of writer optimism: motivation, inspiration and perspiration.


Gather your favorite books around you. Best if you have THE ONE that catapulted you from hobbyist to writer. Leaf through the pages. Read a paragraph or two. Allow the words to leap off the page and fill your writing space with the sweet aroma of success.

Collect (beforehand) a handful of inspiration quotes. Say the words allowed. Repeat until conviction floods your veins. If you have a favorite, post it near your computer.

Chat with a writing friend.  A recent Forbes Magazine article Power of the Pack: Women who Support Woman are More Successful explores the value of networking. Doubt clouds our vision. A supportive posse can remind us of our strengths.


Successful writers like Stephen King, Margaret Mitchell, Kathryn Stockett (The Help) remind us the pitted path to success is worth it. Bookmark one of the many articles that chronicles other writers whose struggles eventually led to success.  Here’s one to ponder https://anialexander.com/famousfailures

Visualize your path.  If you’ve lost sight of where you’re going, review your goals. If you haven’t written any now is the time. For most of us determined to publish, imagine your book cover, your name in raised foil letters, the weight of your words bound and heavy in your hand.

Recall your accomplishments. Peruse correspondence from agents who’ve offered encouragement. What about articles you written. Even a note of encouragement from a friend uplifts the writer’s soul.


Writing trumps defeat. To rise above doubt, you must write. Write today, tonight and tomorrow.  Allow the words to fill the spaces where doubt once bloomed.  Soon the clouds will disappear as your fingers dance across the keyboard. Continue to write.

YOU have a story to tell.

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